On May 31, Elder Don R. Clarke, an emeritus general authority, spoke at devotional and shared four important truths.

“We need to remember that the most important organization in time and eternity is family, and the core of that organization is marriage,” Elder Clarke said.

Elder Clarke said he wishes that before he got married, he had taken his copy of the Book of Mormon and written in the front page, “The most important organization in time and all eternity is family,” and following that, he would write a list of tips from successful married couples he knew. He said that by doing this, he would look at that list over and over again during his marriage to avoid some of his mistakes.

The second truth that Elder Clarke spoke on was that we should develop faith in Jesus Christ and live a Christ-centered life.

Kimberly Anderson, a sophomore studying business management, said sometimes people think that because they have faith in Jesus Christ, they believe they are done, but for her is more than that.

“Faith is something that continues to grow, is something that it has to always be worked on,” Anderson said.

Stephanie Cox, a sophomore studying elementary education, said she would see some of her nonmember friends lose hope during the pressure of a hard moment in their life and get upset about it, but because of her faith in Christ, she can find comfort and hope during the hard things in her life.

“Three: the companionship of the Holy Ghost is the greatest gift mortal men can enjoy,” Elder Clarke said.

Elder Clarke shared a list of things the Holy Ghost can help us with. He said we can receive a testimony of Jesus Christ and his servants through the Spirit. Elder Clarke said Christ can cleanse us, provide us with personal revelation in major life decisions, give us hope and comfort, reveal truths to us, teach us and help us with our studies.

The fourth truth Elder Clarke spoke about was spending our time with things that matter the most.

“In college, it is really easy to get busy with so many things, and then you have to ask, ‘Wait, what is really the best thing that I could be doing right now that would help me progress spiritually?’” Cox said.