Gwenaelle Couliard, a counselor at BYU-Idaho, spoke at devotional about trusting the Lord to overcome the natural man.

“Our greatest challenge is to protect our mind and body from the worldly temptations,” Couliard said.

Couliard shared a story about a time when she was driving with the pure desire to get ahead of the people that were in front of her.

Jennifer Morales, a sophomore studying psychology, said she felt a connection to what Couliard said.

“When Sister Couliard shared about her time when she was getting anxious and honked her car horn, I laughed because I do the same thing,” Morales said.

Couliard also spoke about how the natural man only thinks about himself. Couliard shared Mosiah 3:19 and spoke about how the natural man is an enemy to God.

Katelyn Zarecor, a sophomore studying special education, said she was struck when Couliard spoke about the natural man and loving others.

Zarecor shared an experience that reminded her of putting off the natural man.

“It happens all the time with roommates,” Zarecor said. “There’s times when you want to stay mad at them, and it’s really hard to realize that you did something, too.”

Couliard shared a Mormon Message with the audience about a man who was in charge of doing an assignment for work. When the time came to present the assignment, he put blame on others for his faults.

“I used to put the blame on other people, and it wasn’t until I was preparing to serve a mission that I realized how awful I was,” Morales said. “Sister Couliard reminded me how a disciple of Christ takes responsibility for their actions.”

Couliard said lightness will always overcome darkness. She said the natural man is strong, but there is hope by yielding to the light and truth.

“Christ is my best friend,” Zarecor said. “He is always there supporting me and telling me that I can do anything. And with Him, I can do everything.”