Tuesday, June 14, Elder Von G. Keetch, a General Authority Seventy, spoke to BYU-Idaho students and faculty in devotional.

Elder Keetch talked about teaching and defending eternal truths and still showing love the way the Lord wants us to.

“We are taught to stand at witnesses of God at all times and all things and all places, to avoid contentions, to never stir up the hearts of men to anger, and to actively follow after things that make for peace,” Elder Keetch said.

Elder Keetch shared an example of a fictional character named Samantha.

Samantha’s beliefs were being challenged and she became defensive as she fought for what she thought was right.

“In my mission I saw similar things of people trying to start arguments, but it doesn’t lead to anything; it only leaves people feeling upset,” said Dayton Hoffmann, a junior studying applied mathematics.

Samantha later met with her bishop who said, “It is about being a defender of the faith. ‘Whosoever shall humble himself as a little child.’ If you want to be the greatest, you have to humble yourself as a little child.”

She confronts the situation with a new perspective.

“We can have love, respect and understanding while never abandoning the truth we hold in our hearts,” Elder Keetch said.

Hoffman said that he loved Elder Keetch’s words, that when in a point-by-point debate, people often become more upset than letting light previal.

“In our political debates today, it is more about one-upping with clever one-liners, but it doesn’t lead to progress or coming together with people,” Hoffman said.

Elder Keetch stated that love is important but we can never forget that the most important is the truth.

“The biggest application is in social media. Being considerate in your comments on social media and trying to frame things in a way in which the Spirit of Christ would have us say those things,” Hoffmann said. “That is what I am going to strive to say things the way that Christ would say those things.”