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“Don’t ask the Lord to change his plan for you, but be willing to accept his plan for you,” Dunlop said. Brooks McFadden | Scroll Photography

Robin Dunlop, a student financial aid advisor at BYU-Idaho, spoke at devotional about embracing changes when God redirects life plans.

Dunlop said as a child she wanted to be a singer or a writer, but life changed. She shared other experiences about when her life plans turned a different course.

“I never dreamed it would end in divorce,” Dunlop said concerning her temple marriage.

As words of comfort, Dunlop’s friend gave her a talk by Dale Sturm titled, “Waiting: the Hardest Work of Hope.”

“Sometimes the outcomes we think we are waiting for are not at all what God has in store for us,” according to Sturm.

Since her divorce, Dunlop said God hasn’t taken away the baggage, but He has made it lighter.

“The Lord is not going to let me fail,” Dunlop said.

After her divorce, Dunlop started working at BYU-I in September 2011 and finished her undergraduate degree in accounting this past April.

Brynlee Malan, a freshman studying nursing, said Dunlop’s address answered her prayers. “I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s plan lately and what he has in store for me,” Malan said.

Dunlop recounted the story of Lehi’s family in the Book of Mormon as an example of two kinds of people: those who accept God’s change in their life plan and those who don’t.

She said Lehi’s son Nephi prayed to God to accept the change in their family’s plans, while Nephi’s brothers, Laman and Lemuel, chose not to accept.

Malan said God might have a different plan for her than she has in mind. “I just know I need to keep praying and trusting in God.”

Dunlop said if life plans have changed without permission, embrace it.

“Don’t ask the Lord to change his plan for you, but be willing to accept his plan for you,” Dunlop said.

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