Brother Jonathon Lawrence, a University Relations Creative Manager at BYU-Idaho, spoke at devotional about striving to seek the will of the Lord in all things.

He said that one of the best ways to do this is to surround yourself with those who motivate and inspire you to be better and not simply to get through a trial.

He said there are three principles that can help as we seek the will of the Lord.

The first principle is prayer.

“Prayer is the act by which the will of the Father and the will of the child are brought into correspondence with each other,” said Lawrence.

He told a story about his daughter getting ready for bed. She said she wasn’t tired and became frustrated when he didn’t give her what she wanted. However, as her father, he knew what she really needed was sleep.

He said he compares that to our relationship with our Heavenly Father, saying that the Lord knows what we really need, even if we ask for something different.

“When telling him everything, I am allowing myself to be open to inspiration that he has for me to succeed in all that I do,” said Kammy Shepherd, a sophomore studying communications.

The second resource is the atonement. Lawrence said he compares the atonement to a dishwasher.

“You can load dishes in the dishwasher every day,” Lawrence said. “Yes, you are interacting with the dishwasher or even using it, but it will be nothing more than a box unless you use the soap and turn on the power to cleanse the dishes.”

He said he likened turning on the dishwasher to repentance. We cannot utilize the atonement without repentance, just like we cannot use the dishwasher without plugging it in.

The last resource he introduced was prior assurance, which is the idea that the Lord will give us the tools we need to be prepared for a future experience.

He used the example of Moses, who was prepared far in advance for his experience parting the Red Sea for his people.

“Prior assurance is when God gives inspiration for something to come,” Shepherd said. “For me, it was when I felt I needed to go on a mission. I knew that I would go, even as I had trials on the way because God had told me so.”

Lawrence said we must be ready to hear Heavenly Father and accept his answer.

“If we are willing to align ourselves with his will, then all will be well,” Lawrence said. “That does not mean that everything will be easy, but it will be right.”