Brooke Hovermale, a freshman studying health science, attended Eric Conrad’s devotional address on what we can learn from our trials.

“Those who put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials,” Conrad said.

Conrad illustrated putting his trust in God and how he was supported in his trials through examples from his own life.

Hovermale said she enjoyed this devotional specifically because of the personal examples that Brother Conrad gave.

“We all have asked those questions: Why me? Why is this happening?” Hovermale said. “I thought it was inspiring how Brother Conrad invited us to ask Heavenly Father what we can learn from our challenges.”

Conrad said we must move forward; we can only move forwards or backwards, and if we stay in one place, we are moving backwards.

“All the challenges and trials that we have end up being lessons that we learn from,” Hovermale said.

Conrad said that the next time that you have a trial or are confused about something, ask, “Dear Heavenly Father, what am I to learn?”

Hovermale said that from all of the trials and challenges in her life, there has always been a lesson to be learned.

“Prepare yourself mentally, spiritually and physically for whatever may come your way,” Conrad said.

Hovermale expressed her gratitude for going to a school where each class begins with a prayer and where there is a devotional every Tuesday.

“The spirit is brought into our education, and I feel that with the spirit intertwined in our education, it is easier to retain,” Hovermale said.

Conrad said BYU-Idaho is teaching us more than just knowledge.

“A church education is education of the heart, mind and spirit,” Conrad said.

Hovermale said that with just returning from her mission and having the spirit with her every day, it is great to come to BYU-Idaho and to be able to feel that same spirit on campus.