Sister Kathy Webb, the executive assistant to President Gilbert, spoke at devotional about the steps she has taken in her life to pursue happiness.

She shared a story from her childhood about taking the sacrament after her family moved to Saudi Arabia when she was 11 years old.

While living in Saudi Arabia, Webb and her family were the only members of the Church in her city and were not allowed to practice their faith outside of the home.

Webb said she always knew taking the sacrament was a special privilege because she could see her mother’s joy during their at-home sacrament meetings.

“Through the sacrament, power comes into our lives,” Webb said.

Webb said she left her home in Saudi Arabia to live with relatives and attend high school in Idaho Falls. After high school, the voices of the world distracted her, and she no longer thought about the source of goodness her mother taught her about as a child.

There were five situations that rescued her and brought her back to the gospel.

Devo Speaker (Deanna Port, Scroll)

DEANNA PORT | Scroll Photography

The first rescue Webb shared was the birth of her oldest daughter. Webb said this event was a testimony of our identities as sons and daughters of God. Webb said that the Holy Ghost testified to her and that she felt the love of her Savior.

The second rescue was the time she moved. Web said this is the instance where she physically drove away from Texas and a bad situation in the middle of the night with her young daughter in the backseat.

The third rescue was change. Webb said it took repentance and a lot of do-overs to change her life.

“If you are not on the Lord’s side, move, get up and make a change,” Webb said.

The fourth rescue was the opportunity for second chances. Webb said she met and married her husband Jeff, and they were sealed in the temple after he became a member.

The fifth rescue Webb said is a work in progress, which she works towards everyday when she comes to work at BYU-Idaho. Webb said she feels the love of the Lord here.

Webb said there were choices she had to make during all of these rescues that led her to the path she is on today.

The first is to remember who you are.

The second is to choose to believe and exercise faith.

The third is to choose to change.

The fourth is to repent and to seek forgiveness.

The fifth is to choose to be happy.

Brielle Bishop, a freshman studying nursing, said she loved Webb’s topic because many people think they mess up so many times they cannot come back. She said Webb’s story could touch other people’s lives.

“My siblings aren’t in the church anymore, so I feel like they have the chance to come back,” Bishop said.

Webb said the Gilbert family is an example of happiness, and she shared a mini formula for happiness that she modeled after the Gilberts. She said the formula includes following the Savior, being positive and serving others.

“Choosing to be happy is the choice to serve others,” Webb said. “When you choose to be happy, you will feel light growing within you.”

Webb said the Atonement takes ordinary men and women and allows them to do extraordinary things.