Lusia Tasi, a sophomore studying business management, comes to devotional to rejuvenate herself throughout the week.

“Tuesday is the day I can go to devotional and learn something to apply for me throughout the week,” she says. “It is an uplifting message for me to get motivated.”

Reed Hendricks, a counselor at the BYU-Idaho Counseling Center, spoke Tuesday at devotional, focusing on the message of change.

Tasi said Hendricks’ words were something she needed to hear.

“He emphasized how we can change, and that even though we have the natural man, we can change and do better,” Tasi said.

Hendricks said fighting the natural man is hand-to-hand combat.

Tasi said understanding the natural man was important for this message.

“We may not think that it is there, but it’s there, and it can affect almost anyone,” she said.

Hendricks said knowing we all have divine identity can help us change, despite the natural man.

“When I know and feel the reality that I am a son of God who has a bit of natural man to continue to work on, I feel empowered,” Hendricks said.

Because of his words, Tasi said she wants to get up in the morning and have the willingness to learn and change.