Elder Michael T. Ringwood spoke to students and faculty of BYU-Idaho on Tuesday about the power of the Book of Mormon.

Elder Ringwood spoke about the value of the Book of Mormon and how it was preserved for our time.“The Book of Mormon was worth the sacrifices to prevent it,” Elder Ringwood said.

Catherine Ricks, a junior studying early childhood/ special education, said she was able to receive answers to some of her questions that she had been having for months.

“This time I found that I have had a question for a few months now, and today I was able to receive an answer through Elder Ringwood’s talk,” Ricks said.

Ricks said she enjoyed many parts of this devotional, but the part that was able to answer her question was when Elder Ringwood talked about how one of the biggest sacrifices that was made to preserve the Book of Mormon was Nephi killing Laban.

“I really liked when Elder Ringwood spoke about the part about how Nephi was asked to kill Laban,” Ricks said. “It was not necessarily an exception to the rule even though murder is wrong, but there was a better thing that God needs Nephi to do, and it required Nephi to do that.”

Ricks’s favorite Elder Ringwood quote about the power of the Book of Mormon is when he shared that that the only way that we can gain a testimony of it is by opening it and reading it ourselves.

“The evidence if the Book of Mormon and its validity is within its pages,” Elder Ringwood said.

At the end, Elder Ringwood reminded the audience that even those who have a testimony of the Book of Mormon right now could loose it if we do not read regularly.

“Remember that is easy to loose the testimony of the Book of Mormon, so study the scriptures regularly,” Elder Ringwood said. “When you slip, start again, and do not let one day become two.”