Story by Andrea Meiners
Spencer Ellis, a freshman studying electrical engineering, had the opportunity of attending devotional and hearing from his former professor, Elaine Wagner, a mathematics faculty member at BYU-Idaho.

Wagner focused her talk on having a spirit of gratitude, thankfulness and becoming whole through Christ’s atonement.

Wagner told BYU-I students how she taught primary students the story of the 10 Lepers. Ellis related her message to needing the atonement.

“We all have things that are wrong with us, those bumps and bruises from our life, but it’s through the atonement of Jesus Christ that we can be healed.”

Wagner referenced the trial of her father’s recent passing, and how important it was that she relied on the atonement during that loss. Ellis was reminded of the times when he needed to have faith in times of hardship.

“Everyone has those moments where they feel like they’re alone or they can’t do it,” Ellis said. “But ultimately, I think that’s the best time to turn towards Christ and his atonement.” said Ellis.

Wagner discussed how Christ does not only heal his people, but how he can make them whole.

“It’s through the atonement and doing all the things that Heavenly Father has asked us to do (…) they all add up into making our lives better,” Ellis said.

Wagner’s talk left Ellis thinking about his devotional experience.

“I definitely thought a lot by my life, how I’m doing, what I can improve on, and to be a little more thankful,” Ellis said.

Ellis thanks devotionals for giving him spiritual nourishment each week.

“It gives me that extra little strength like seminary used to do,” he said. “It’s that spiritual food.”

Ellis recommends all students attend devotional.

“My testimony has always been strengthened by devotional every week as I come,” he said. “I think everyone should go.”