On Tuesday, March 22, Kevin Cabral, a freshman studying international business, attended Kyle Martin’s devotional address on building a solid foundation in dating and marriage.

Martin highlighted foundational characteristics that were fundamental to a successful relationship. He discussed the qualities of respect, trust, selflessness, repentance, forgiveness, commitment and communication.

Cabral said he felt these qualities were really important for forming a relationship, and expounded on the importance of having these qualities before rushing to physical intimacy.“It’s really hard to want to stay with someone when you barely know them,” Cabral said. “As Brother Martin says, we may think that they are annoying or boring. We should wait physically so that we can feel that we have someone worth fighting for.”

Martin displayed a chart comparing the levels of emotional commitment and physical expression with a detailed list of examples.

“That was funny,” Cabral said. “We should know how we’re treating people in our relationships and have it under control so both people can know where they’re at.”

A large portion of Martin’s talk focused on building an emotional relationship before a physical one. Cabral agreed with Martin’s remarks and related it back to his personal life.

“I have a lot of friends who are nonmembers, and sometimes their relationships are based on physical attraction,” Cabral said. “They lose the friendship they could’ve had when they rush to the physical. So when relationships are based on only the physical intimacy, we lose that best friend we could have had.”

Martin said that healthy relationships are built when emotional commitments and physical expression are aligned.

“We are emotional beings, so we often do things carelessly, because we just want to follow our emotions,” Cabral said. “So when we have those foundations, we’ll be aligning our emotions with our actions, and we can have better control over ourselves.”

Cabral felt that his perspective and understanding on agency had been enhanced.

“I liked how he talked about how we are free to choose what we want to do in our relationships, but we already know the consequences, and they’ve already been set through the gospel,” Cabral said. “That really stuck out to me, and I want to be more serious about my decisions since I am accountable.”

Devotional is an uplifting part of Cabral’s week.

“I like devotional because it is an opportunity to receive a little more strength in a college setting,” Cabral said. “Every week when I come, I leave with something I can improve on and work on.”

Cabral said his testimony has been strengthened through devotional attendance.

“The gospel is everything for me,” Cabral said. “I know that God the Father lives. And I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that together with the Bible we can come closer to him. And through those two books and the prophets that we have today, we can truly know what God wants for us, and we can find true joy on earth.”