Bishop Gérald Caussé, presiding bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke at devotional on Tuesday about understanding and trusting God’s timing.

Smith Mainoo, a freshman studying geoscience computing, said he never misses devotional.

“It is important to go to devotional because it helps me maintain my spirituality by listening to the leaders and being inspired to live a spiritual life,” Mainoo said.

Bishop Caussé highlighted five main points in his talk:

1) Learn from your past and move forward

2) Don’t get discouraged; it is never too late

3) Don’t wait; now is the time

4) Accept God’s timing

5) Make tomorrow the first day of the rest of your life

Mainoo said listening to Bishop Caussé reminded him about some experiences he had during his mission.

“I was a missionary in Nigeria, and one of my district leaders had a baptism to perform,” Mainoo said. “The woman who was to be baptized requested a priesthood blessing. She could not walk, but after the blessing, she was able to walk and be baptized. She was healed because she trusted the Lord and his timing.”

After listening to devotional, Mainoo said he was grateful for the Lord’s timing, and he hopes to be more able to understand the Lord’s ways.

“I like how He combined our life here on earth and linked it to the eternities,” Mainoo said. “It makes it so every moment that we have had is a reflection in the eternities, so we should make the best of every moment and make good use of our time here on earth.”