President and Sister Gilbert spoke on Tuesday in the first devotional of this semester. They spoke about the importance of family, marriage and defying the crowd.

Santiago Sainz, a freshman studying engineering, said he enjoyed going to this devotional, especially listening to President and Sister Gilbert talk about the importance of the family.

“I liked the emphasis that they put on the importance of families,” Sainz said. “When Sister Gilbert talked about being a good wife and mother, it reminded to be more grateful of my own mother.”

Sainz said his favorite moment from devotional was seeing how so many people grew up as part of the minority group.

“I loved when President Gilbert asked the audience to raise their hands if they had grown up in a place were being a member of the Church was the minority, and everyone in the room raised their hands,” Sainz said. “That was a really cool to see so many people raise their hands and realize that we were not the minority here at this university.”

President Gilbert said how the line between the Church and the world is becoming farther apart, He also gave five ways to defy the crowd:

  1. Follow the prophet
  2. Defend the family
  3. Use our agency
  4. Show love and kindness
  5. Believe in the power of the atonement

“I liked what President Gilbert said how the line between the world and our church is far apart and will continue to get farther apart as time continues,” Sainz said. “I also liked the five ways that we can defy the crowd. They are simple, but very powerful.”