The Knights lacrosse team stands tied at the top of the women’s lacrosse league.

Svea King, a sophomore studying recreation management, playing attack for the Knights, said the team has come together through everyone supporting each other.

“When we practice, we just laugh and joke,” King said. “There’s no contention.”

The Knights won their last game 6-10, putting them at 3-1 in the standings. They have won every game except for one, which was an automatic forfeit because they did not have enough players.

King said one of the reasons they have been successful is the fact that they can work as a team.

King said they are able to get the ball down the field without throwing to favorites.

“Natalie’s been good at pulling the team together,” King said. “She’s been the example. She’s been there to support and help everyone to be friends.”

King said the team has a Facebook group and will hang out outside of practice together. She said they even tie-died socks for a bonding activity.

“It really all has to do with support,” King said. “We’re working with new players and giving them a chance to improve.”

King said one of the highlights of the season was when they played a game that they ended up forfeiting because they were short a player.

King said they were able to keep up with a full team and lost 13-9, but in the third, they were up 8-6.

“I was very impressed and proud of how hard the girls played, and I felt good even though we lost,” King said.

King said she expects to make it to the championship and that, at the end, they will all be experienced players.

“Lacrosse has been kind of a rock for me,” King said. “Growing up, there’s trouble in life, and it’s kind of hard to  get over.”

King said her lacrosse team is like a family and that playing lacrosse has helped her to build that family.

“For me, it’s a life,” King said. “What I wait for spring semester.”

King said one of the things she likes about lacrosse is it is a workout, but that it is also to make friends.

Cassie Dixon, co-captain on the Knights, said the team works together and that there is a lot of positivity.

“We all cheer each other on,” Dixon said. “It’s really cool to see that and being able to see the whole team cheering each other on and working together.”

Dixon said she thinks what helps is that everyone is good friends on the team.

“Because we’re all good friends, everyone wants each other to succeed, and were not playing individually for ourselves; we play together as a team,” Dixon said.

Dixon said they have had team bonding time where they tie-died socks.

“Natalie’s really good at constructive criticism,” Dixon said. “She’s really sweet and relatable, and she’s a really good coach.”

Dixon said their coach likes to hear the input from other players.

“After the games, she likes to go around and ask everyone what they feel they need to work on is,” Dixon said. “Everyone’s willing to help each other and give each other advice on how to   do better.”

Dixon said one of her favorite things about her team is having everyone’s positive attitudes on the team.

“A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you,” according to