BYU-IDAHO | Courtesy Photo

The Communication Department is providing writing workshops during Spring Semester 2015.

Each Thursday in Spori 265 from 1-2 p.m., communication professors will teach an informal workshop on different writing topics.

Lane Williams, a professor in the Communication Department, said each one of the topics will be valuable and provide great insights for every student in every major on campus.

“Writing is a difficult subject for many people,” Williams said. “For a lot of reasons, writing seems to be, on the one hand, becoming more important in the professional world and, on the other hand, perhaps being less valued by people while they are learning.”

Williams said people have a hard time with writing because they need help with grammar and other writing principles.

The workshop topics are based on what different members of faculty think are important for writers entering the professional world.

“The time varies,” Williams said. “Some will be 15-20 minutes, and others will be the entire hour.”