They say it takes two to tango, but Battle of the Dance showed that it takes a lot more to do any style of dance.

The Battle of the Dance is a showcase that was held in the Oscar A. Kirkham Building  on October 17, 2015.

One of the favorite shows on campus, Battle of the Dance showed Brigham Young University-Idaho students performing different genres of dance from ballroom, to breakdancing, to jump rope.

For Eliza Anatsui, a sophomore at BYU-I, dancing is so much more than just being on a stage.

“Dancing means a lot to me,”said Anatsui. “I’ve been watching dance videos, movies ever since I was a little girl so really does means a lot to me. And to be able to perform is like the best thing in the world. I really enjoyed it.”

Battle of the Dance not only gave individuals the opportunity to perform, but also helped fellow dancers come together and form their own dance crews.

German Valdez, leader of the Stormtrooper crew, talked with us about how his group came to be.

“Originally I just practiced here in the Kirkham just by myself and just with a group of friend,”said Valdez. “Then I found out we can perform here and I really liked going to the show, and so I found out we could perform later on we can audition for it and actually try out.”

The audience’s excitement grew as each performer came out and showed what they could do using costumes, technique, music, and props.

As the night came to the close, Danielle Bush, a senior at BYU-I, shared with us her thoughts about Battle of the Dance.

“I love the performances. I love the variety that it has and also it shows the individuals that perform how diverse they are in the dance world. It’s really refreshing to see,” said Bush.

This show was nothing short of wonderful and happens every semester. So whether you love to dance, love to watch, or are just in it for the music, Battle of the Dance is an event not to miss.