The seasons are changing obviously, and so are the styles the heat is going on vacation and the cold nights are moving in.  On campus You wont see sandals and tee shirts walking around anymore. Now you’ll find thick coats, boots, and normally a scarf to match,  Alexa Berube a freshman on campus majoring in Business management shared her opinion.

“I like to get to ware scarfs, beanies, winter coats, boots, its crazy but I love that” she says. Not only are the fashions reversing but also so are the colors, patterns, and prints. Colby Ebanks also a freshman majoring in Exercise Physiology admitted to liking and noticing this change he said “I see a lot of the Aztec symbol pants with the little triangles and squiggles. “

Not only are clothing changing but especially the fashion we ware on out feet. Many of the alternating fashions we see now pair best with some kicks to match. Chris Dethloff a junior at BYUI majoring in Healthcare Administration expressed his opinion, “I’m a fan of boots, all the nice boots come out, so that is what I like about fall fashion the most” he says.

The change in style is very head jerking but what’s even more impressive is the beautiful change in nature, which is normally adored by all in fall. Alexa Berube once again says “ I’ve never seen  the leaves change before its crazy, its so pretty.”

The style that fall is bringing with it are just as admirable as the leaves. Reporting from BYU-Idaho, Liset Rivet with Scroll Digital.