Story by Kelsey Anselmo-Wright

Fanboys and girls all across campus gathered together in the Manwaring Center Little Theater at Fandomonium, a BYU-Idaho version of Comic-Con. Fandomonium is a free event held every semester, with student-run booths to show off their favorite shows or games, and fun activities such as a Pokemon scavenger hunt and Super Smash Bros.

Student artists were also able to come and show their talent. Not only does this help these artists practice their skills, but it prepares them to enter their future industries.

“This is the kind of stuff you have to do in the career,” said Kayla Rivera, one of the artists and a senior studying English. “Like, if you want to be an artist, if you want to be a writer, if you want to be a publicist, if you want to do anything in the entertainment industry, you need to know how to navigate conventions.”

While Fandomonium is a chance to be nerdy and show off your talents, it is not just a social gathering. Not only do people gain more social relations in their fandoms, it also helps them develop spiritually.

Kate Carter, one of the students who ran a booth and a sophomore studying software engineering, talks of how Pokemon teaches the basic gospel principle of humbling one’s self.

She said that Ash, the main character, has had moments where he has lost battles, and this has kept his pride low, much like how we have trials and we have to humble ourselves.

Carter said that Fandomonium is definitely a place to go and learn about all sorts of books and games that you may not know about.