And Farmers Only has been declared champion! The dodgeball championship was held on Wednesday night, March 23, and featured the teams known as Farmers Only and The Underdodges in a contested battle for the title. Farmers Only took control from the get-go, winning the game easily 12-3. BYU-Idaho has many sports offered here on campus free of charge to students. But perhaps the most intense sport on campus is dodgeball.

“You see them make a judgment call on their part and you don’t like it, you’re right there, you can scream at them, you can yell at them,” said Wesley Jenks, a senior studying exercise physiology. “And that’s one of the other reasons it’s a judgment call game. And so if you think they should call something one way and you don’t like it, you can immediately just start pointing the finger and then they can start pointing the finger back. I mean, that’s probably the one reason why it’s the most intense – close proximity.”

This match got so heated at points that they nearly had to call it off due to contention. One might think that since this school is filled with members of the church that it would be a clean game, but that is not the case. But for this reason alone is what makes dodgeball so unique to some students. For others, it is a way of life. It is the way they grew up. To take in all that this sport has to offer is what they like the most.

“It’s just fun,” said Ridge Taylor, a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. “You know, I’ve played dodgeball growing up and stuff like that. It’s just something we do, we play us cousins and friends and stuff like that. Pretty much a family, that’s my favorite part. It’s that we’re all playing together as a bunch of friends and family so just being together it’s just awesome.”

Unfortunately, the dodgeball league will not return spring semester, but will come back again during the fall. Reporting from the BYU-Idaho Center, I’m Derek Sutherland, Scroll TV News.