BEN OLSEN | Scroll Illustration

BEN OLSEN | Scroll Illustration

BYU-Idaho students are graduating faster with the Fast Grad program and the Three-Track System.

The Fast Grad program allows students to graduate quicker by attending BYU-I year-round instead of just two semesters a year.

“I joined Fast Grad as a freshman,” said Kylie Nordin, a senior studying communication. “I’ve just completed my sixth straight semester in a row.”

Nordin said she had created a five-year plan for herself where she would begin her career by the time she was 23.

Students are required to meet certain criteria and contact the Admissions Office to discuss eligibility for the Fast Grad program, according to the Admissions Web page.

To be eligible for the Fast Grad program, students must:

—Be a full-time BYU-I student.

—Have earned at least 50 credits before applying for Fast Grad.

—Attend their assigned tracks.

—Maintain a 2.8 (or higher) GPA.

—Apply one business day before the semester begins.

—Have a current and approved grad plan on file with the Academic Discovery Center.

“The Fast Grad program can be rigorous because you attend school all year round with no breaks,” Nordin said. “Anyone that is willing to put forth the effort can succeed. It is a great option to consider for those that find the pace of the Three Track System too slow.”

Students may also apply for an override one semester at a time.

Students who are eligible for one semester may not be the next time they wish to override, according to the Fast Grad Web page.

The Three-Track System offered at BYU-I allows students to complete a baccalaureate degree in four years by attending two semesters per year, according to the Three Track System Web page.

“I’ve never thought about applying for the Fast Grad program,” said Autumn Sixta, a freshman studying humanities. “I can see where it would be helpful since I’m on the fall/spring track system, and if I only needed one more semester to graduate.”

Sixta said that if she had other situations arise where she needed to be done with school quicker, she would look into using the Fast Grad program.

The Admissions Web page offers students four tips to keep earning credits and to get one step closer to graduating beyond regular track assignments.

—Take online classes.

—Enroll in evening classes.

—Learn about registration overrides.

—Expand off-track enrollment.

Online courses at BYU-I can be taken any semester and allow students to earn credits even if they are off-track, according to the Student Records and Registration Web page.

Even without an override, the expanding off-track enrollment allows students with over 60 credits earned to enroll in 300 and 400 level classes in their off-track semester if there is available space. The stipulation applies until the day before classes begin, according to the Three Track System Web page.

The expanding off-track enrollment is a new option available to students looking to graduate faster, according to the Admissions Web page.

Evening classes are also available for off-track students wanting additional credits.

This option is open to students seeking to begin college and students who are seeking to return to college, according to the Continuing Education Web page.

While full-time students are required to take at least 12 credits a semester, 15 credits are required to graduate in eight semesters and for the Fast Grad program, according to the Academic Advising Web page.