Elder Yoon Hwan Choi’s talk touched the heart of a man who traveled to General Conference from North Carolina.

Last year, Jeremy Williams brought his son, Raylen Williams, to General Conference for the first time to give him a chance to feel the Spirit.

“I wanted my son to see what it’s like to feel the Spirit and to be around the brethren, so that maybe the Spirit will touch his soul and solidify his testimony of the things that we teach him,” he said last year. “Hopefully this’ll be something that he’ll never forget.”

But this year, Jeremy Williams had an even more focused reason to come back to conference with his son.

Raylen Williams is turning 12 in May and will receive the Aaronic Priesthood.

“I figured it’d be a great opportunity to come back feel the Spirit, hear the Apostles and prepare him for the Priesthood, right?” Jeremy Williams said.

JOSHUA GERVACIO | Scroll Photography

Raylen Williams agreed this experience was beneficial to him.

“(It was important for me to come) so I could learn how to be a deacon, like good things to do,” Raylen Williams said.

While Raylen Williams said one of the things that he will remember most about his trip is snowmobiling in Park City, Jeremy Williams said he will remember the Spirit he felt here.

“For me, it’s going to be just the experience of being here with my son and feeling the influence of the Holy Ghost and listening to the living prophets,” Jeremy Williams said. “For me, that’s the most memorable thing.”

Jeremy Williams said he and his son will probably make attending Conference a new father-son tradition for the two, and he supposes they will be back next year.

But as for now, the two just wanted to take Elder Choi’s talk to heart by standing in the rain, looking up and opening their mouths — personally applying what they learned today.