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This article was written by Christopher Parker

Students who have taken a walk by the BYU-Idaho football field and track recently might have noticed some changes taking place. These improvements are designed to help the students and staff get the most out of the field and track. New lines are being painted on the track and new sod is being laid out on the football field.

Student enthusiasts of football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, track and field, battle ball, flag football and other sports have said they have wondered why activities have been moved to other fields and facilities around the campus and surrounding areas.

“This a normal maintenance process,” said Wayne Clark, the University Operations managing director. We have these projects in a life-cycle database, and it has come to the end of its useful life, This field has been in service for 13 years.”

Clark said the main improvements done to the field and track were cleaning up the track surface and repainting new lines on the track. Runners, joggers and people exercising were having a hard time keeping enough space between each other due to the fading paint on the track, and the improvements should address those problems.

“I really enjoy running around the outdoor track and being able to get my exercise, it is a completely different feeling running on the outdoor track rather than the inside track,” said Aaron Homer, a sophomore studying Health Science. I am really looking forward to them opening the track back up.”

Michael Anderson, a junior studying business management who has played flag football and ultimate frisbee for the last few semesters, said he has missed playing on his usual turf.

CHRISTOPHER PARKER | Scroll Photography

“It is annoying to have to go to a different field since this one is so much closer to where I live, but it’ll definitely be nice to have it all cleaned up for when we can start playing there again,” Anderson said.

“The field being out of commission for the last several months has caused some struggles with scheduling activities, and at times there have even been reservation conflicts between groups to have this maintenance done,” Clark said. The quality of the field and track will be greatly improved, and the students who will get to use them in the future will appreciate all the hard work that has been put into keeping everything up to date and well preserved”

Clark said the improvements should be completed sometime in midOctober.