Summer is just around the corner and many students are looking for internships. How can you market yourself and find an internship that fits you? Here is list of things you can do to help you reach your dream internship:

  1. “Be motivated and then act, said Steve Davis, Alumni Relations Director. “Just do it!.”
  2. Visit with your Department Internship Coordinator, according to
  3. “Search past internships completed by BYU-Idaho students for ideas of possible companies,” according to
  4. “Discuss possible opportunities with your professors or faculty mentor,” according to
  5. “Visit Career Navigator, the Alumni Office, LinkedIn (and) the Internship Service Missionaries,” according to
  6. “Network with those you meet,” according to Maybe your roommates, classmates or ward members can introduce you to people, which might lead to your learning about internship opportunities.
  7. BYU-Idaho Alumni Association: “Connect with graduates of the university using the Mentor Finder tool or LinkedIn,” according to
  8. “Stop by the Career Networking Center (CNC), which offers the networking crash course, walk-in résumé help, and general career planning,” according to “They can also direct you to the other career services offered by the Academic Discovery Center. The CNC is located in MC 127A,”
  9. “Develop a quality résumé, and learn to tailor cover letters to different companies,” according to
  10. “Have your résumé and cover letter reviewed by meeting with a trained peer mentor,” according to “Practice interviews are also available. You can schedule an appointment at the Career Networking Center Web page.”
  11. “Be prepared,” Davis said. “Make arrangement for travel if you need to move for an internship. Create a budget. Not all internships are paid. Find out whether the benefits outweigh the cost.”

“Over the past 125 years, over 200,000 alumni have, as Jacob Spori envisioned in 1888, become ‘mighty oaks’ all over the world,” Davis said. “Through the BYU-Idaho Network, I work with thousands of alumni serving as ambassadors and mentors as they help students progress through college and make the transition into the professional world.”

BYU-Idaho has given us the resources for us to become truly successful.