A new dating app was created in April 2016, but recently it has become very popular.

Mutual is an app for cell phones that is made especially for LDS singles. It allows them to communicate and get to know other singles with their same beliefs, according to LDS Living.

A commercial for the app went viral in the Latter-day Saint community due to the fact that this app is aimed toward LDS singles.

This commercial had more than 75 thousand views on YouTube, as it made a comical connection with those who have suffered through an awkward date.

Tinder, Match and OkCupid are other popular dating apps, but what makes Mutual different?

“Mutual is similar in concept, but is unique in its approach as it is designed specifically for LDS singles,” according to The Daily Universe.

As part of the Mutual app, swiping up means you’re interested in someone. Whereas swiping down means you’re not.

There are several different items that make Mutual unique in comparison to other dating apps.

To have a Mutual account, your profile needs to be connected to your Facebook account. Each profile is looked over to make sure everything is appropriate, according to The Daily Universe.

“Tinder is more entertaining,” said Cameron Doyle, a freshman studying communication. “Mutual is taken more seriously.”

The LDS dating app was made so that single members of the Church can make real connections which can lead to serious Mutual-LDS Dating.

Mutual was created by a BYU graduate, Cooper Boice, who wanted to help LDS singles find other LDS singles.

“Really when I moved to Arizona I realized that if you jump on a dating app it was pretty much useless because no one was LDS,” Boice said, according to an article by UtahValley360.

This can also apply to you while living in Rexburg.

One thing Mutual has that other dating apps don’t, is the readiness scale. This allows you to see if someone is looking for a relationship or just a few dates.

“People are actually dating,” said Bob Carroll, Co-Founder of Mutual, in an interview with KSL News. “Now they have this device where they can, somewhat in private, or solo time, think about who they might want to talk to or reach out to.”

It allows you to know where someone served their mission, where they’re from and what school they’re attending, according to Deseret News.

Although Tinder and Mutual are very similar, Mutual allows you to have a more personal connection, and to know exactly what your match is looking for.

The app is currently available for iOS users only, but is in the process of becoming available to Android users as well, according to a kickstarter campaign that was started.

Mutual allows people to communicate with other singles all over the continent, not just in your surrounding area. “We added a couple thousand new users; they’re all over the U.S. and across the world,” said Carroll in an interview with KSL News.