The clock ticks and chaos erupts as the day barely begins. The life of a college student can be a hectic one.

“It helps at times not to think too far ahead and just do what the day requires,” according to “Daily Bread: Experience,” a video on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ website by Elder D. Todd Christofferson.

Spencer Erickson, a freshman studying electrical engineering, said that each day, simple service is a unique way to find Christ, which helps him rest from the chaos.

“One thing I have been trying to focus on is trying not to miss specific opportunities to help people,” Erickson said.

He said he helps his roommates study for exams in classes in which they may struggle.

Elizabeth Ostler, a freshman majoring in general studies, said she finds Christ through her service for the elderly.

“I honestly believe my calling is helping his children at the end of their life,” Ostler said. “The way I get closer to Christ is serving others. It puts me in touch with my spirit.”

Ostler said it is important to remember that Christ served everyone out of love and without judgement. She said she tries to do the same.

“Christ didn’t serve one person,” Ostler said. “He walked through the streets with the dregs of society and lifted them up.”

Though service is a great way to recognize Christ, acknowledging his creation is another way, according to an article titled “How to Experience God in Your Daily Life” by Leigh Mcleroy, on Explore God, a website exploring the influence of God.

“We can experience God in ordinary circumstances: in a stunning sunrise or a quiet subway ride,” according to the website. “We can sense his power in creation and his sovereignty in its order. We can see his uprightness when mercy is shown for the weak and when justice prevails for the wicked.”

Ostler said she had the opportunity to appreciate the Christus at the Salt Lake City Visitor’s Center. She said she felt the Savior very powerfully in that moment.

“I was able to sit at the Christus for hours and really feel my savior,” Ostler said. “It made me want to be able to do that every day. I can’t go and sit at the Christus every day, but I can sit and think about him.”

Ostler said she finds her peace through service and quiet meditation. She said that although she tries to remember Christ every day, it is easy to forget.

“I do forget, but I want to strive to remember him so that I could one day be held by Christ,” Ostler said.

Ostler said it does not matter what people believe. She said they may not believe at all, but it is her Christ-like duty to serve unconditionally.

“As human beings, we are forgetful,” Erickson said. “I try my best to remember Christ and all that He has done for me. I try to give that back by doing what he would do.”