People often say things like “Agh, There’s nothing to do here,” when they refer to Rexburg, Idaho but there is a lot of fun to be had in Rexburg, especially when looking for talented individuals to watch and listen to, according to

There are many hot spots around Rexburg that showcase local talent, including The Burg, Skizzy’s and the Romance Theater.

Music and Talent Venues (Cassie Gardner)

Music and Talent Venues (Cassie Gardner)

“On Thursdays at 8:00 pm, we have open mic night and it’s just super fun,” said Megan Waite, a worker at the Burg and a sophomore studying health psychology.

Waite said local artists and college students attend open mic night and many different talents are showcased. She said the talent ranges from musical performances to poetry recitations to stand-up comedy.

“Everyone has such a good time and there’s so much talent that sometimes open mic night doesn’t end until we close at 11 pm,” Waite said.

Currently, Skizzy’s is the top music venue in Rexburg, according to

“Skizzy’s is a place where college kids can go to have fun and socialize,” according to Skizzy’s Facebook page. “At Skizzy’s you will have the atmosphere needed to feel comfortable and yourself.”

Nathan Payne, the general manager of Skizzy’s and a BYU-I alumnus, said Skizzy’s is a place for weekday relaxation, providing an atmosphere for homework and chilling and a place for the weekend party animal on the lookout for new artists.

“We are mainly a music venue,” Payne said. “We have local bands playing, usually on the weekends.”

Payne said events such as dances, talent shows and magic shows also happen at Skizzy’s. He said there is always something going on.

“The music scene has definitely grown since we opened,” Payne said. “The bands that come and play gain fans and make new friends. It’s a good environment.”

Music and Talent Venues (Cassie Gardner)

Music and Talent Venues (Cassie Gardner)

Payne said, individuals and groups can contact them if they want to perform. He said they can either send in a video or audition to get a slot at Skizzy’s.

“We screen them because we charge the audience that comes in,” Payne said. “We pay the bands a percentage of the income depending on how many people come and pay.”

Nate Dursteler, a sound manager at the Romance Theater and a senior studying communication, said the Romance Theater is a part of Rexburg Venues which also includes the Rexburg Tabernacle.

“The Romance Theater sort of doubles as a movie theater and an event center,” Dursteler said. “It’s the big community event center for all the recitals. This place is used for all sorts of events.”

Dursteler said they have a talent scout who goes out looking for entertaining acts but people can also contact them to book a gig. He said formal events, as well as local bands, make appearances at their venue.

“If a band is pretty good over at Skizzy’s, they’ll book this venue,” Dursteler said. “Then we usually sell out.”

Dursteler said every weekend they have something fun going on and that their schedule is on their webpage:

“The best part about all of this is being able to bring the community together and just watch all the different acts that come in,” Dursteler said. “Being able to have this space where people can come in and say, ‘I want to use this for this’ and it attracts a bunch of different crowds. Everyone that attends can find the type of talent they enjoy and the performers can get recognized.”