The Manwaring Center fire alarms went off Wednesday around 3 p.m., causing everyone inside to evacuate.

Ellis Johnston of the Rexburg Fire Department responded to the call along with multiple other firefighters in two firetrucks.

“The system fired off,” Johnston said. “It was a (misfire) on its part. The way that it works is it feeds off the city water pressure, and if there is a fluctuation in water pressure, it sets off the alarm saying that there is water flowing. So it’s doing its job, it’s just sometimes a little sensitive.”

Gaven Wood, a junior studying English and on the university janitorial staff, was cleaning the MC when the alarms went off.

“Everyone was up in The Crossroads, and I was here cleaning, and then the fire alarm went off and everyone filled out,” Wood said. “Everyone was waiting outside for about 15 minutes and then everyone went back in.”

No fires were reported, and the water pressure is stable again.