The Bureau of Land Management released that a fire started at the Menan Butte area at 11 p.m. on July 1.

The fire was first contained to 30 acres Saturday night and into Sunday morning, but reignited due to winds Sunday night. As of Sunday night, the Menan Butte fire was burning up to 250 acres, according to

According to a press release from the Bureau of Land Management, the fire managers estimate full containment by 6 p.m. today.

Evidence of this fire suggest that it was caused by fireworks, according to the BLM, this investigation is still ongoing.

The fire did remain on BLM land and did not reach or burn any of the butte.

To help prevent further wildfires this weekend and in the future, the BLM are restricting fireworks on BLM land under the BLM Fire Prevention Order that is in effect until Oct. 20.

According to the BLM, this is the fourth human caused fire in the Menan Butte area in the last two weeks.

VICTORIA OWENS | Scroll Photography

With it being the 4th of July holiday be sure to look where you are lighting fireworks and the weather conditions around you.

Before you celebrate your 4th of July with fireworks be sure to look at specific city and burn bans, according to, all national forests and parks have restrictions with fireworks.

Fires can start not just from dry conditions, but also from high winds.

VICTORIA OWENS | Scroll Photography

According to, it can take up to 30 seconds for a firework to start a brush fire if you are too close to dry material, also explained that sparklers can be an easy way to start large fires.

When you are out celebrating your 4th of July be vigilant and fire aware. Be sure to look out for dry conditions, high winds and where you are setting off your fireworks this 4th of July holiday.