Last semester, it was announced that football would be added to the spring semester to accommodate the students who are off–track during the fall semester and cannot play football in fall.

“I think it will be better in the fall because we don’t have to worry about any snow,” said Brandon Cruz, a freshman studying special education.

With football being held in the fall semester, the students who have the fall semester off cannot participate.

“The fall semester is my off track,” said John Yablonovsky, a junior studying Russian. “I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle football and school, but so far it hasn’t been too bad.”

Tryouts for the teams were held last week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with the draft being held on Friday. The participants will be put on four teams: the Wildcats, Vikings, Hawks and Wolverines.

Yablonovsky is excited for the season to start and to be able to play football in warmer weather as opposed to playing in the fall.

“I think this season will be a lot of fun because we can have the Friday night games, which is what we want, and have more people come out and sport us and cheer us on,” Yablonovsky said.

Cruz said that there is great talent this semester which will sply a great amount of competition.

“The season will go really well, we have some really good competition here and a lot of talent so it should be a great season,” Cruz said.

When BYU-I was Ricks College, many of the greatest BYU football players got their start at Ricks. Ricks was used as a pipeline to develop raw talent for BYU.

Once the tryouts are over, the coaches will decide who they would like to have on their team.

A draft will then be held, similar to the NFL, to showcase the players that have made it on to their respective football teams.

The draft was held Apr. 27 from 6-8 p.m. in Taylor 170.

Students were encouraged to attend and sport their roommates and friends.

Games start on Saturday, May 11 and end with the playoffs on June 15.

For more information on try out times, games and dates, students can log on to the school website, or visit the activities website at