FIORELLA GUILEN | Scroll Photography

FIORELLA GUILEN | Scroll Photography

Students competed at the Power Lifting Competition Saturday, May 30 which took place in the BYU-Idaho Fitness Center from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The competition was free to all participants, according to the power lifting Web page. Students signed up on the Wellness Events Web page.

Kent John, the event coordinator and a junior studying exercise physiology, said this was his first time managing the Power Lifting Competition.

John said students compete in the squat, bench and power lifts and each participant gets three attempts at each lift.

“You take their biggest lift out of each of the three lifts,” John said. “You then add them together and divide it by their body weight to get their power index. The one with the biggest power index wins.”

First place was awarded to a male winner and a female winner.

Rebecca Davis, a junior studying exercise physiology, won in the women’s group, with a power index of 3.77. Brady Wanner won the men’s group, with a power index of 6.62.

John said the prizes for the winners vary each semester. This semester’s prize was a tub of branch chain amino acids, a supplement that diminishes fatigue, improves concentration and reduces muscle breakdown, according to

“It’s a sport that a lot of people train for, so it’s good to be able to have them compete for that,” John said.

There were over 20 participants at the competition.

Davis said this was her third semester competing in the Competition.

“I just do it for fun,” Davis said. “It’s fun to be able to compete with everybody and feed off of their energy.”

Davis said she liked competing because it allowed her to test her own personal strength each time.

“You never know until you try,” she said.

Friends and family members of competitors were there to support the students.

The students also supported each other during their lift attempts by cheering one another on.

Cesar Fernandez, a second-time participant and freshman studying art, said he liked this competition because it allowed him to set goals for himself, become stronger and get out of his comfort zone.

“I like the atmosphere around here as well and how everybody here is always supporting you,” Fernandez said.
For more information on Power Lifting and future competitions, visit Fitness Center Desk in the John W. Hart building.