Idaho may be known for its potatoes, but it is loved for its natural beauty and rugged landscapes.

Take advantage of your time here by picking up hobbies that allow you to experience Idaho.

1. Camping- Gather some friends, some s’mores, lots of blankets and head out to a campground for a night to get back to nature. Visit for some ideas on where to stay. If you do not have camping equipment, you can rent some from the Outdoor Resource Center located under the BYU-Idaho Stadium. The ORC rents everything from sleeping bags to Dutch ovens with no reservations necessary.

2. Fishing- It’s a great way to relax, get away from town and enjoy some beautiful scenery. Don’t forget your fishing license, which allows you to fish the rivers and lakes in Idaho. If you are caught fishing without a license, authorities can write you a ticket. Fishing licenses can be bought at any sporting goods store in Rexburg, including Walmart, or the Valley Country Store on West Main Street.

Joelle Brown waiting for a bite, Box Canyon, Island Park. (Deanna Port, deannapaigephoto)

DEANNA PORT | Scroll Photography

For Idaho residents, a one-time fishing license costs $11.50 with an added $5 after the initial day.

For Non-Residents, a one-time fishing license costs $12.75 with an added $6 after the initial day.


3. Shooting- A common pastime for BYU-I students, the area around R Mountain serves as an informal shooting range with plenty of space for target practice.

4. Sand sledding- The St. Anthony Sand Dunes are a place for campfires, photoshoots, stargazing and sand sledding. Before the snow falls, grab a cheap sled and blaze down the sand in preparation for all the real sledding you’ll be doing come winter.

5. Skiing or Snowboarding- With Kelly Canyon Ski Resort just 30 minutes away in Ririe, and discounted nights for college students, there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least try to embrace this popular winter sport. If you find yourself quickly becoming a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, make the hourlong trip out to the Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, Wyoming, for their world-class trails. To save money on rentals, check out your equipment from the ORC.