With March Madness getting underway, I’m here to tell you  five things you need to know before filling out your bracket.

Number five: Don’t go all chalk

You may have the desire to pick all top seeds. But since 1985, there have been 120 regions and 30 NCAA tournaments, however only 13% of the top four seeds have advanced to the sweet 16.

Number four: Upsets may happen but not a one VS. 16 matchup.

Since the tourney expanded in 1985, the 16 seed has lost a whooping 116 straight times. It is a sure bet that kansas, North Carolina, Virginia and Oregon are advancing to the next round.

Number three: Who said 13 wasn’t a lucky number?

In the last 7 years, at least one 13 seed has upset a four seed. The last time all number four seeds advanced was in 2007. So who will be lucky #13 this year? Iowa watch out.

Number two: The BPI is about 50/50.

The basketball power index is a measuring stick of team ratings like pace of play final score and strength of opponents. The BPI is in it’s  5th year and its 50/50 on predicting a winner. In its first two years, it was spot on, however the last two years the winners lost in the final four. This year the tar heels of north carolina have ths coveted ranking. Lets see what they do wit it.

And the number one thing you need to know about filling out a bracket is no such thing as a perfect bracket.

Now, that may seem harsh but according to Jeff Bergen, a math professor at Depaul University, the odds of filling out a perfect bracket are one in 9.2 quintillion. Yes quintillion and for you people like me who have no idea what a quintillion is, it’s 18 zeros. So, just to put that into perspective, There is a better chance of becoming a professional basketball player 1 in 10,000. Winning the powerball 1 in 175 million.