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The Flag Football started the first week of May and has three divisions: beginner, intermediate and competitive.

The biggest difference between the divisions is the competition level, said Blake Woodruff, the flag football coordinator and a junior studying exercise physiology.

The games are 40 minutes long, and each team can have up to 12 players with seven players on the field, said Woodruff.

“We showed up, and we were unorganized, and the other team wasn’t, so we were lost from the start,” said Brian Duffy, a senior studying biology.

Rule changes for this year’s participants included players being able to use hands to guard. In the past, a player could not use their hands to guard, according to IMLeagues.

Woodruff said that for coed football leagues, it used to be required that the male-to-female ratio be even. Now, there must be two males and four females or two females and four males per coed team.

“This season has actually been really good,” Woodruff said. “We have had a lot of good competition, and tons of people have come out to watch.”

She said there has been more enthusiasm at the games because more people are showing up this semester compared to past semesters.

“I know as an athlete in general, you tend to play your hardest when there are more people watching,” Woodruff said.

She said the highlight has been that the players have been fair and cooperative up to this point in the season.

Woodruff said one struggle was that the RecSports office had a tough time forming teams for the women’s flag-football league.

Woodruff said there are currently 11 teams in the women’s leagues, with four teams in the beginner and intermediate leagues.

She said there are three teams in the women’s competitive league and the RecSports office would like to have six teams in the division.

In the men’s league, each division is capped at 12 teams and 14 players per team, Woodruff said.

Woodruff said that RecSports had so many people sign up that they had to tell some teams they couldn’t join.

“This is why RecSports works — because people want to get out and they want to play and have fun and be with their ward or be with their friends,” she said.

Duffy said football does more for him than just provide a fun activity.

“Mentally, it just helps me to relax and to forget about work and school,” Duffy said. “It just helps my brain.”

He said he played in the beginner league before, but he and his friends wanted to try the intermediate league.

Duffy said if the game is taken too seriously, it adds stress to a game that is supposed to be played for fun.

Dallin Toolson, a freshman studying English who is playing RecSports for the first time, said one of the first things he noticed was how competitive the games can get.

“I think that if we take flag football too seriously to the point of contention, then we need to ease up a bit,” Toolson said.

For further information, students can contact Blake Woodruff at woo11023@byui.edu, call the RecSports office at 208-496-7450 or email RecSports at recsportsactivities@byui.edu.