The cost of wedding cakes varies depending on the size, ingredients, detail and other factors. According to, the average cost of a cake is $386. DEANNE LARSEN | Courtesy Photo

When looking for a wedding cake, there are several factors to consider, including price, style and taste. Different cake-makers offer different products and prices vary. Some bakers are traditional, while others focus on more modern styles of decorating cakes. There are several local options.

“I focus on making great-tasting but real, traditional cakes. A lot of people want those cakes that they see on TV and stuff, but I don’t worry about that.  I’ve gotten compliments on every single cake I’ve sold,” said Ben Borsik, a baker who works at Carsten’s Bakery in Idaho Falls.

Another baker in Idaho Falls, Lynn Winter, has won multiple awards and was featured on TLC’s “Ultimate Cake-Off” television show. She creates cake decorations with sugar flowers and uses artistic techniques.

Winter said customers can expect that no matter where people shop, more intricate cakes will cost more due to the extensive time they require to prepare.

According to “Priceless Weddings for under $5,000” by Kathleen Kennedy, a book designed to help coles plan a wedding without spending a fortune, there are many ways to save money on cakes, including borrowing parts like cake toppers and knives.

Tiered cakes and pillars are expensive, so consider using multiple cakes. Multiple cakes can save money and offer different flavors for guests to choose from. Bakers who are not wedding cake specialists tend to be less expensive as well. Also, don’t be afraid to ask at a grocery store bakery.

Many cake makers offer tasting sessions where customers can sample the different flavors of cake, cream and frosting in order to choose which would best complement their wedding.

After shopping around with different bakers, “meet with your top picks. View their portfolios and displays, and describe the cake you have in mind,” according to Brides magazine. Brides magazine also states that since the cake often comes at the end of the reception it’s important to have a good cake so the reception ends on a good note.