Photos by Kelly Gubler

A broken sprinkler flooded areas of the John L. Clarke building, cancelling classes for the day Oct. 1.
Construction workers were working on the second floor in the old testing center when the sprinklers went off.
The water began to leak to the first floor of the building. The fire alarm, which was triggered by the broken sprinklers, signaled students and staff to evacuate.
The floor of the old testing center was flooded with several inches of water.
Work crews went in and removed computers and other sensitive equipment that could have been damaged by the water.
Construction crews also took out ceiling vents and insulation that was in the flooded areas.
Kari Lundgren, a junior studying interior design, was in the building when the fire alarm went off.
“We thought it was a practice fire drill so we left, and then went back in after a while and it smelled really  funny,” Lundgren said. “They told us to leave again because there was flooding and possible toxins in the air.”
Many students sat outside texting waiting to get their things left behind.
As of Monday afternoon, classes were cancelled for the day and clean crews were sent to work on the flooded areas of the building.