Flips and tricks are performed by flyers and bases preparing for a regional stunt competition at the weekly stunt classes held in the BYU-Idaho Center.
“Stunt classes are for BYU-Idaho matriculated students, employees and their dependents who want to work on stunt skill building,” according to the BYU-I activities webpage.

A BYU-Idaho stunt class flyer is launched into the air as she plans to perform her tricks. (Scroll Photography | Francisco Canseco)

“Stunt class is like cheerleading but without the cheers,” said Jonathan Wood, a junior studying mechanical engineering. “We just do stunts.”

Wood joined the stunt class three years ago and now volunteers as a coach.

Wood said he did gymnastics in the past and joined stunt class to improve his skills.

Giselle Lammi, a junior studying special education, said she first learned about stunt class at her roommate’s dance competition.

“The stunt team was there for their winter competition,” Lammi said. “I became obsessed with the stunt team. What they did was so compelling — I had to be a part of them.”

Lammi said during stunt class she is a flyer, the girls who are thrown in the air, she is thrown by a guy, called a base. When thrown different flips and tricks are performed. She also has the chance to do stunts like “cuppies,” which is when a base balances the flyer in the palm of his hand and the flyer does a trick.

“We really need big strong guys to be the base and small girls to be the flyers,” Wood said. “You don’t need to know how to do these things before. We will teach you.”

Wood said even though new students join the class each year, there is always a need for more people.

During winter semester, the stunt team compete in stunt competitions in the region. Spring and fall semesters are preparation.

“I’ve meet new people and gained friendships through stunt class,” Lammi said.

Lammi said stunt class has helped her develop new muscle and has pushed her to workout outside of practice in order to become stronger and more flexible. She said that through stunt class, she has gained new skills and a great deal of confidence.

Wood said stunt class is a way to meet new people and get involved on campus.

“Stunt class helps me relieve the stress from class and school,” Wood said. “I think of it as a competition against myself.”

Wood said during class the team starts with basic stunts and works toward more difficult ones.

“If you want to try something new, come to practice,” Lammi said. “You’ll instantly fall in love. I will forever be grateful for the stunt team and everything I’ve gained from being part of it.”

Stunt classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 p.m. in the BYU-Idaho Center.