April 6, Jacob Espinal, a former BYU-Idaho student, was sentenced to 180 days in jail and five years of supervised probation.

Jan. 9, Espinal was charged with a felony for Computer Crime, according to the Idaho Repository.

According to the Idaho Repository, the computer crime charge included access or uses to Defraud or Obtain Money or Services by Fraudulent Pretenses. He was also charged for theft.

Espinal was jailed for changing his grades in the computer system at BYU-I for the purpose of receiving a scholarship during his time of employment at Student Records and Registration.

Kyle Martin, University Registrar said Espinal worked in the degree audit union at Student Records and Registration.

“He hadn’t worked for almost a year and came back asking for a job and part of evaluating that, they noticed inconsistencies on his transcripts,” Martin said.

Martin said they investigated internally to make sure their suspicions were correct, and then turned it over to the Student Honor Office.

After the Student Honor Office discussed the matter, BYU-I contacted the Rexburg police department.

“I am obviously disappointed that one of our employees would violate the university’s trust in that way and we wish Jacob all the best and hope he learns from this experience and makes good choices in his future,” Martin said.​