Larry Pressler

Former U.S. senator joins LDS Church

Larry Pressler


On Sunday, April 19, Larry Pressler, a former U.S. senator, was confirmed as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Pressler has served two terms in the House of Representatives (1975-1979) and three terms as a U.S. senator (1979-1997).  He is known as a man of initiative and a humble seeker of truth.

From the start of his first campaign for the Senate Pressler had what he calls “coincidental encounters” with the Mormon church.

Through hiring members of the Church to help with his campaigns, to discussing the religion with other political figures that are members of the faith, Pressler found Mormonism a reoccurring topic in his life.

Eventually Pressler was given a copy of the Book of the Mormon from the man who would later confirm him, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid.

Shortly after, Pressler read an article by Clayton Christensen, a Rhodes scholar at Oxford University, which would drive him to investigating the Book of Mormon more seriously.

After meeting with Christensen and missionaries from the Church, Pressler developed a new-found testimony and made the decision to be baptized by Christensen.

To read more about Pressler’s spiritual journey, visit Deseret News.

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  1. April 23, 2015 @ 7:26 pm Claudette

    This story was brief and really caught my attention. Tanner you did a great job of keeping it brief and interesting. I wonder if Pressler will eventually encourage his friends to investigate the church as well. In my experience, you don’t just gain one member when you have a baptism… you open up a whole new corner of the world for missionary work! Also the new layout is massively pretty! Go Scrollies!


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