The Frightfully Fun Halloween 5K is a free event that will be held on Oct. 30 at 8 p.m. and will allow students to dress up and enjoy a 3-mile run.

Alessandro Baielli, a sophomore majoring in international studies and the manager for the Frightfully Fun Halloween 5K, said the event was brought up when she first proposed a separate idea to the BYU-Idaho faculty and was turned away. She said the BYU-I faculty asked her to manage the 5K run, and she agreed to be the manager.

Baielli said the route will start on the BYU-I Stadium track, loop around  campus, and finish back on the track.

She said there are 36 participants currently signed up to tackle the 3-mile run the night before Halloween.   

Raime Malmberg, a freshman majoring in general studies, said she has done festive events before and will continue to do them because it brings a whole different dimension to running, and they are exciting as well.

Fad runs are exciting, and it gets those who may not exercise much to get out and be active while having fun at the same time, she said.

She said people would enjoy the Halloween 5K because it is something that many people may not have done before.

“Compared to long-distance running, I like short-distance running better because I like the quicker tempo, and shorter-distance running is more competitive,” Malmberg said.

Malmberg said she likes short-distance running because it makes her feel powerful and gives her an  adrenaline rush.

Paige Tisdale, a sophomore studying horticulture, said running  helps her to maintain a healthy lifestyle and brings more happiness into her life.

Tisdale said the Halloween 5K could open peoples’ eyes to running and be the start of a new lifestyle.

“When I hit the runner’s high, it feels like I can run forever, and it helps to relax my mind and take my mind off my worries that I have at the current time in my life,” Tisdale said

The Halloween 5K will have a raffle that will take place after the event,  Baielli said.

She said they are doing the raffle to allow everyone to have a chance to win a prize, and it would be a way to promote positive participation and athletic activities. She said there will be awards for the top three finishers, as well as for the best costume.

To sign up for this free event or to volunteer, students can go to the Fitness Center in the John W. Hart Building and sign up in the white binder that is on the desk or visit the Student Activities Web page on BYU-I’s website.