Story by Brie Boss. 

On Friday, Feb. 5, BYU-Idaho students performed at the Infinite Indie event. There were hundreds of people in the audience.

The show consisted of 12 acts, four groups and the rest were solos or duets. Some groups who performed among the students were Paris House, Swanky Friends and Shave the Whales.

Lauren Johnson, a vocalist for Swanky Friends and a sophomore studying exercise physiology, said the group officially formed two weeks previous to the show.

Johnson said she has been singing for a good portion of her life. She started singing with ward choirs and progressed to singing solos. Johnson said singing is a pure hobby, a pure jubilee.

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“We are all different and doing this for different purposes, but it all works out in the end,” Johnson said.

Michael Horning, a member of Swanky Friends and a senior studying psychology, said they had a difficult time coming up with their group name. He said the first name they considered was Michelle and the Manly Men.

Aaron Wright, a junior studying exercise physiology, and Michelle Leatherbury, a junior studying early childhood/special education, started the group. In Fall Semester 2015, these two were in the same home evening group. After a few weeks, they found Nick Albano, a senior studying political science, living underneath Wright. Connor was asked to be a guest vocalist for this show.

“I loved the energy of this group,” said Ben Behymer, a sophomore studying exercise physiology. “It seemed that (Connor) just wanted to dance the entire time. It was fun watching them.”

Wright has been playing the bass for 10 years, Leatherbury started playing the electric/acoustic guitar four years ago and Albano claims the drums has taken about 15 years of his life. Each said they love their chosen instrument.

“Just do it,” Leatherbury said about learning an instrument. “I taught myself how to play and now within those four years I am playing at shows at BYU-I.”

Leatherbury said the way she learned was off of strum charts and other sources online.

“After playing for so long, one day you might just get asked to play in an Indie group,” Wright said. “That’s what happened to me.”

Shave the Whales sang “Dearly Departed” by Shakey Graves.

“Shave the Whales is really good,” Leatherbury said. “They played an original at the Acoustic Café last week, and it was great.”

She said she liked an original song that Shave the Whales performed during the Acoustic Cafe the previous week.

“I liked Shave the Whales,” said Shane Hardisty, a freshman studying business management. “I am a little biased, though, because Hannah Downs is my cousin.”

Emma Lounsbury, a senior majoring in marriage and family studies, was one of the vocalists in the group. Lounsbury said she has worked with music for a while, teaching herself to play the piano as well. She said she chooses a song and listens to it over and over and then plays by ear on the piano.