Winter is coming to a close. The snow is melting; the temperatures are rising; now is a great time to enjoy the marvels of nature. With some time and a sense of adventure, you can see canyons, caves, waterfalls and more. When planning these trips, make sure you have sturdy shoes and enough water. You can find directions and more information about these hikes at or Make sure you follow the directions closely because a wrong turn could make an easy hike into a difficult hike. There are a lot of hikes around Rexburg with various levels of difficulty. Here are seven of them:

Hidden Valley Loop-located in Rexburg, ID

This easy hike is less than two miles round trip. This hike is about 10 minutes from BYU-Idaho.

R Mountain-located between Rexburg and Menan, ID

R Mountain is actually an old volcanic cinder cone. This moderately difficult hike is about 20 minutes from BYU-I.

Teton Dam Site-located 44 miles northeast of Idaho Falls, ID

This historic hike has lots of dam ruins. These dam ruins are a result of the Teton Dam bursting due to pressure and leaks in the dam walls soon after its completion in 1976, according to The dam walls were 305 feet tall, and the dam could dam 288,350 acre-feet of water, according to This hike is about 30 minutes from BYU-I.

Cress Creek- located 20 miles northeast of Idaho Falls, ID

This easy hike is mostly paved and is less than a mile roundtrip. This hike is about 30 minutes from BYU-I.

Packsaddle Lake Hike-located outside of Tetonia, ID

This hike is fairly easy as you can drive most of the way. This hike is also a good hike to do if you’re short on time. This hike is about an hour from BYU-I.

Mesa Falls- located 15 miles west of Yellowstone National Park

This easy hike with pathways includes two waterfalls and a historic Mesa Falls Lodge. This hike is about an hour from BYU-I.

Darby Wind caves- located outside of Driggs, ID

This moderate hike is about five miles round trip and includes canyons and waterfalls. This hike is about an hour from BYU-I.

We live near Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons. There is a lot of fun to be had, if you have a sense of adventure. Just make sure you’re adequately prepared for an adventure.