The BYU-Idaho Center is a multi-purpose building used for weekly Tuesday devotionals, a study area and an activities center.

The activities center is home to 10 courts that are equipped with access for volleyball, basketball, tennis, an indoor running track and futsal.

Futsal has been a growing sport here at BYU-Idaho over the past years.

“So, I participate in futsal because it is a lot of fun. So, it’s like soccer — indoors — but it’s a lot more technical of a game because it’s a smaller court. It’s a lot more skill, and that’s personally what I like,” said Trevor Schaffer, a BYU-I senior studying physiology.

Futsal generally brings out 40-50 players each time futsal is played.

“What makes futsal different than outdoor is probably just the way you play the game. In outdoor, you try to find the most space you possibly can. In futsal, your space is so limited that you’re trying to beat defenders. It’s a lot more one-on-one. There’s a lot more one-on-one situations, rather than you just putting yourself in good positions because there are not really a great position to be in in futsal. It’s more you being creative with the ball and trying to make something out of nothing,” said Parker Banks, a senior studying business management.

Futsal is played nightly on court 10 and is always welcoming all who come.