Reporter Kylie Gines


General Conference Weekend is a perfect opportunity for students to head out of town.

For the students who do stay in Rexburg however, General Conference might be a time to get together with roommates.

“This weekend I think we are going to make breakfast at our apartment, my roommates and I, and just hang out and watch conference,” said Amanda King, a sophomore majoring in general studies.

General Conference is also a time for BYU-I students to learn.

“On my mission, I got really into note-taking during general conference,” said Cody Haas, a sophomore studying health science. “Going in with a question, and then obviously always making a nice breakfast.”

This weekend is also a perfect time to hold potlucks.

 “So, we’ve decided to invite our FHE brothers over and we decided to do a potluck kind of thing,” said Esthtla Cardanas, a sophomore studying exercise physiology. “So we will have food and stuff, and hopefully it will turn out good.”

Conference weekend for some, is a time for relaxation.

“Me, I have one other roommate that is staying home, and we are just gonna watch it, sit on the couch, probably just stay in our pajamas. Then we’ll go out to breakfast in between sessions,” said Jessica Wiberg, a sophomore studying communication.

Many students are excited to know who the next apostles are going to be.

“We’re actually just really excited for the upcoming news of the different apostles, so we will definitely be paying attention to that,” said Taylor Tippetts, a freshman studying general studies.

General Conference is sometimes a time to gather as friends and roommates.

“I’m going over to a friends Saturday morning, and then on Sunday we’re just going to hang out as an apartment and watch conference in our PJ’s,” said Carly Campbell, a freshman studying elementary education.

 “My FHE family is getting together to eat breakfast for the morning session and then for the afternoon sessions I’m just going to stay with my roommates and just chill together in our apartment,”said Emily Johnson, a Freshman studying biochemistry.

Whatever students decide to do, General Conference is a time to reflect and relax.