The BYU-Idaho geology department recently renovated the Geology Museum and updated the east and south hallway displays in the George S. Romney Building.

Dan Moore, the associate dean of the geology department, said the idea to update the hallway displays came from himself and Forest Gahn, an instructor in the geology department.

“Professor Gahn and I decided to pursue this project because the hallways looked unprofessional, and we wanted the building to educate visitors as they walked the halls,” Moore said. “We envisioned a display for students, created by students.”

Moore said the department has been working on these renovations for years.

“We invested many hundreds of hours over several years writing text, mentoring the students who created the illustrations, infographics, and videos, identifying display samples and installing the displays,” Moore said.

Moore said these additions to the displays will help educate students many years from now.

“The students we mentored learned a great deal and added important material to their résumés and portfolios,” Moore said. “Now, many thousands of students over the next decades will learn more about the history of the universe and workings of our planet as they peruse the displays in the building.”

Jeanette Belnap, the geology department’s office assistant, said the department made additions to the displays to provide information.

“The department also added QR codes and placards to provide additional information, and video displays in the museum as well,” Belnap said.

Belnap said the department plans to hold an open house for students to attend sometime next semester.

“Today, with the project essentially complete, the displays and museum are a testament to what students and faculty can accomplish outside the classroom when they work together to practice their craft,” Moore said.

The department has uploaded images and information about the items on display to