The BYU-Idaho program, Get Connected, assists newly registered freshmen at the beginning of every semester with their introduction to the university. It is not required, but highly encouraged to all incoming students to attend.

This orientation includes lectures about the school, how students can become more involved; and features activities like a talent show, I-Night and more.

“It’s fun and breaks you into the whole school environment before you have to start school,” said Morgan McNeil, a freshman studying dance.

“Studies show students who participate in orientation are more likely to stay in college, obtain greater academic success and have more satisfaction with their overall college experience,” according to the BYU-I Student Support Web page.

Some suggest that Get Connected improves the social atmosphere on campus.

“I really enjoyed being put into groups with people I didn’t know,” said Andrea Rodriguez, a sophomore studying early childhood education. “It gave me the confidence to be more social for school.”

Part of Get Connected is the big party at the end of the event, called I-Night. This night includes a variety of games, food, prizes, a dance and the chance to make new friends, according to Student Support.

Ellie Litchfield, a sophomore studying business, only went to I-Night for her first semester.

“It was fun and really exciting to experience,” Litchfield said. “I met great people who are still my friends today.”

Although there are many activities included in Get Connected that are fun and entertaining, students feel the Spirit of Ricks all around them.

“I didn’t understand what the Spirit of Ricks meant when I heard about BYU-I,” McNeil said. “But when I came to Get Connected, I was able to learn more, and it truly helped me become a better person.”

Get Connected for fall semester is Friday, Sept. 10. You can register on BYU-I’s Student Support Web page.