Struggling in school? Have one class that is killing you? Schedule a tutor! The best part? It is absolutely free.

How to Get a Tutor:

  1. Sign into your BYU-Idaho account and click on the “Student” tab.
  2. Then, scroll down and on the left there is a menu that says, “Quick Links.”
  3. Click on “Tutor Request.”

From there, you can select from quizzes, tutors and videos. Right now, Academic Support is currently making videos and practice quizzes for their most requested classes. If your class is not available on there or you are still confused after the videos and chatting online with a virtual tutor, you are then encouraged to schedule a time with a tutor.

All of the hired tutors are students who have taken the class and received an A. They have also been highly recommended from their teachers to tutor.


In the year 2015, the tutoring center hired 400 paid tutors and had 17,375 unique students who came according to Greg Hazard, Director of Academic Support. There were 148,511 visits to the tutoring center. The videos they posted were viewed 240,466 times for 29,640 hours. Lots of people attend the tutoring center.

“We want all students to be successful here,” said Deborah Reed, Academic Support Center assistant, “All levels of students get tutoring. In fact, most of the students who go to the tutoring center are the top students.”

The university has invested a lot of money in tutors and faculty members dedicated to student success and academic support. Most universities do not pay for students to receive tutoring, but BYU-Idaho strongly believes in helping students reach their full potential, said Reed.

“BYU-Idaho has the Spirit of Ricks, so we focus on student success of the individual student,” said Deborah Reed, Academic Support Center assistant.

Many students who found out about the services offered at the tutoring center say they wish they had known about it earlier. Greg Hazard said that 97 percent of the students who came to the tutoring center said they would recommend it to a friend.

Will you be next?