With the first round of the Last Voice Standing Competition over, the contestants said they are relieved.

“The first girl was so good,” said Tyler Hodson, a freshman studying computer information technology. “Because they had such great talent starting off the show, I was excited about what was to come after. She grabbed my attention and wouldn’t give it back.”

This week, the contestants were able to pick their own song. However, starting next week, there will be a specific theme for all of the performers.

“It’s fun hearing from so many different singing styles, and I appreciate the variety,” said Bethany Winder, a freshman studying in  English education. “At the first show, the audience and judges got to see reflections of who we are through our song choices and how we chose to execute each lyric.”

Kaitlynn Copher, a freshman studying music, said she enjoyed performing in the show.

“I love performing and the rush of it all,” she said. “It was fun to be given feedback and watch others rock out, too.”

Adam Christensen, a junior studying biology, said he especially likes to be supportive of others in the show.

“I thought it was really good,” Christensen said. “I thought the other two guys had really good voices. My favorite performance was the girl that sang ‘Feeling Good.’ I thought it was really rad.”

The judges asked each contestant how they felt about their personal performances, and most of them repsonded confidently.

“I feel confident about my performance,” Winder said. “It had its flaws, but I was happy to show who I am through a focused tone and channeling emotions.”

Winder said she was pleased with the impression she left with the judges.

“The greatest compliment I received was that my voice wasn’t what the judges expected to hear from me based off of how I look or talk, but that it was a pleasant surprise,” she said.

Copher said she was pleased with her performance.

“I didn’t mess up or anything, so that was great,” she said. “I got into it and loved it. It was a blast. I was confident and not nervous at all.”

Christensen said it went as well as he was hoping it would go.

“I always get super nervous and shaky when I perform, but it wasn’t so bad tonight,” Christensen said. “I don’t feel like I was critiqued harshly at all, so that was pretty cool.”

Connor Spurling, manager of the show and a sophomore studying psychology, said he and the committee are confident next week will be a crowd favorite and even better than this week.

“It’s right after Valentine’s Day, so we figured why not DTR — it’s Define Your Relationship week,” Spurling said.

The judges said that next week the contestants will have to choose a song that defines their relationship status.

Winder said she is looking forward to adding more variety to her performance in the next show.

“I guess my love life is kind of a joke,” Christensen said.

Christensen said he was not sure how he would sing about his status, but the song he had in mind was “All By Myself.”

Courtesy Photo by Derek Hinds