BYU-I’s Got Talent is a night of festivity and fun that students of any major can participate in whether it be attending or performing. The event is happening July 8 at 8 p.m. in the Oscar A. Kirkham Building Auditorium.

“Got Talent highlights fun and unique talents of BYU-Idaho students in an exciting, fun show,” according to the Student Activities Web page.

It costs $3 to attend, and classroom attire is the appropriate dress, according to BYU-Idaho’s website. Students are encouraged to attend and have a good time.

“Join us for a fun variety show where performers will demonstrate their talents through song, dance, gymnastics, story telling, musical instruments and a myriad of other entertaining ways,” according to BYU-I’s Got Talent’s Facebook page.

Britney McCarthy, a senior majoring in theatre studies, said she performed in the event a few semesters ago and had an incredible experience.

“It’s a good way to have fun and to showcase your talent,” McCarthy said. “It puts you out there in front of an audience, and so it helps build courage.”

McCarthy said attending is also an awesome way to participate if you missed auditions and cannot be a part of the show like she was.

McKell Jex, a senior studying humanities, said attending the show during a previous semester was a blast for her, and she thought others should attend as well.

“I went with my roommates and friends,” Jex said. “It was a good bonding experience. It brought us together for a laid-back night. We were entertained for an inexpensive price and we got to enjoy each other’s company.”

Both Taylor Fetui, a freshman studying child development, and Kaeley Hall, a sophomore studying public health, said it was one of the best university activities they had gone to.

Hall said she had not planned on attending, but they happened to walk by the event, and it stopped her in her tracks. She said she was grateful it caught her attention.

“It was inspiring,” Hall said. “I felt like I need to share my talents more and let my light shine.”

Fetui said the most inspiring part of the show for her is the variety.

“The variety is awesome,” Fetui said. “So many different people doing so many different things.”

Hall said her favorite act was someone playing a guitar. Fetui said    she would love to see an a cappella number or group dancing.

Fetui said the more culture that is infused into the show, the better it is. She said part of what makes the variety of the acts so cool is how she can become more culturally aware by attending the show.

Hall said she thought students should participate and consider attending.

“It’s fun, and it’s good to expand your horizons, do new things, watch people perform, appreciate culture and be supportive,” Hall said.