Written by Kambria Amidan

BYU-Idaho students and Rexburg residents have the opportunity to worship on the Sabbath in a musical way with the monthly Radical Sabbatical.

Amber Olds, one of the event coordinators of the Rad Sab in Rexburg and a senior studying communication, said it started three years ago in Arizona. She said it happens once a month.

“One of our best friends started it in high school,” Olds said.

Jackson Sellers, another event coordinator of the Rad Sab in Rexburg and a junior studying psychology, said their friend was an inspiring person who loved music.

“He always had this idea of being innovative and changing the world, and he wanted to do music as well,” Sellers said.

Olds said their friend wanted a place where young people could gather together to sing uplifting music on the Sabbath.

“He wanted a place to play some music that wasn’t necessarily like sacrament meeting type music, but still like gospel and uplifting, so he created the Radical Sabbatical,” Olds said.

Olds said the music that is played consists of hymns, uplifting songs or sometimes pop songs with an uplifting message.

“It’s a super chill concert, jam-sesh type thing,” Olds said. “It is super laid back, but also uplifting for a sabbath.”

Olds also said it is a great way to meet other people.

Ben Day, a performer at the last Rad Sab event and a freshman majoring in general studies, said he just barely heard about the opportunity but was excited to perform.

“I’m excited to get the opportunity to perform good, uplifting music with people who are trying to do the same,” Day said.

Day said he hopes to expand his musical knowledge by performing for The Rad Sab.

“I want to maybe meet some people that I can do collaborations with,” Day said.

Day said he hopes more people learn about the Rad Sab because of how great of an opportunity it is.

“It brings a really neat spirit each time,” Olds said.