Every Tuesday at 9 p.m., BYU-Idaho students gather together and perform at Open Mic Night located in The Crossroads in the Manwaring Center.

Guitars, ukuleles and pianos are some of the instruments that accompany   these artists.

Students often make covers of original songs to make it their own.

Open Mic Night Manager Michelle Leatherbury, a junior studying early childhood special education, said what makes mic night fun is the variety of talented people that sign up.

She said she loves that anyone can sign up.

Song selection is something worth considering before students perform, as guidelines prohibit certain lyrics.

Leatherbury said if people want to perform, then they should keep it clean.

She said if songs have a bad word or talk about alcohol or drugs, they should not be sung.

She said edited versions of songs should also be avoided.

Leatherbury said honor code rules apply at Open Mic Night because it is  on campus.

“It’s just a good place to hear new music that you don’t hear on the radio,” said Cody Rae, a singer-songwriter and junior studying mechanical engineering.

Rae said he has been playing guitar for seven years.

He said he is a cowboy that likes to rock.

“I’ve had some of my worst shows up here at mic night where I just messed up everything, but people still cheered just to keep my hopes up,” Rae said.

Jedidiah Schuyler, a freshman studying biochemistry, said he thinks mic night is a great place to get practice. He said one can become familiar with the stage.

“We’re all here to have fun,” Schuyler said. “Really, you’re just here to share something that’s yours.”

Open Mic Night is not only for artists trying to get a little practice, but it is a place for people to socialize and be entertained.

“I’ve met a lot of friends here,” Leatherbury said. “It’s kinda like getting involved in a really simple way.”

Ellie Jeffery, a sophomore studying para medicine, said coming to open mic night is a break from her homework. She said it reminds her that life is good.

“There’s no judgment here,” Jeffery said. “We’re here to have a good time, listen to good music, so whatever you have, bring the talent, bring whatever amount you have.”

Leatherbury said the artists perform for free at Open Mic Night. She said some of them get paid to perform at other locations in the surrounding area.

“It is super relaxed, very casual,” Jeffery said. “It gives you the opportunity to be with people you love. Just take a moment to get rid of the stress.”

Open Mic Night is family friendly and free for all to enjoy.